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Who can use the Register?
Registrations are accepted from Adoptee's, Birth Parents, Siblings and other interested Birth Relatives.

Those using the Register must be Eighteen years of age or over.

What happens to the information I give?
All the information you supply to us will be entered into our confidential database, viewable only by our Administrators and will be cross-referenced against information provided by other Registrants.

Some of the information you supply (namely your status; the status of the person you are seeking; adopted person's date of birth; adopted person's gender;) will be entered upon our On-line searchable database which you, other Registrants and members of the public visiting this website will be able to search.

We must stress here that no information will be entered upon the searchable database which will directly identify you, or your whereabouts to any other person.

What happens if a member of the public finds a possible match within the On-line database?
Once they have registered themselves, they can e-mail ukbirthadoptionregister@gmail.com giving their details, along with those of the match they have found. Our Administrators will verify (from the details held within the main database) whether they may or may not be related and then the party matched will be contacted with a view to putting both parties in touch with each other.

What happens if I find a possible match upon the On-line database?
If you believe you are related to one of the people on the search database, and you wish to contact him/her, then once you have registered yourself, you can e-mail ukbirthadoptionregister@gmail.com giving your own details along with those of the match you have found. Our Administrators will verify (from the details held upon our main database) whether or not you are related. If this is the case, and both parties want contact, then you will be put in touch with each other.

What happens if your Administrators find a possible match within the database?
Our database will be subject to constant check. Should we find a solid match we will notify each party concerned seeking their permission to pass on there details to the other party.

No information you have submitted will be passed to another party without your written permission.

How much does it cost to register?
It costs just £10 per registration, you will not have to pay any ongoing charges

What registration form should I fill in?
If you are a birth parent or family member searching for an adopted child please fill in the Birth Parent and Family Member Form
If you are an adopted person searching for your birth parent or family members please fill in the Adopted People Form

What should I enter if I do not know the answer to a question on the registration forms?
Enter 'Not Known' in any fields that you do not know the answer to, this is very helpful to us because it saves any confusion.